Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Xbox One

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter allows you to enjoy all the delights of sound effects in games, listen to your favorite music, and communicate with your friends. In this article, we will do a detailed review of the headset for Xbox One.

General characteristics

Buying Xbox One you see that it comes with its headset, but the special quality is not different, even on the contrary it seems quite squishy and unreliable. But you can’t connect your headset to the gamepad either, and without Bluetooth, you can’t use a wireless headset. But fortunately, Microsoft has offered a solution to this problem: the company has released an xbox one headset adapter.
In simple words, it is a small plate of plastic that is inserted into the bottom of the Xbox One, then you can use any headset or regular headphones, but their connector must be 3.5 mm. This acquisition is worth it because it is inexpensive, practical, and performs its functions well, even allowing you to save a little money.

Design of the adapter

To understand exactly how the headset adapter for the Iskbox One works, let’s take a look at how it’s designed. So, the adapter is a small black plastic plate in the shape of a trapezoid, and as we said before, it is installed in the bottom of the gamepad as a headset, which should go in a complete system with this controller. But as it happens, Microsoft released the Xbox One without this part and you have to buy it.
Instead of a cable that should connect to your headset, this adapter has a 3.5mm jack for connecting your headset, like the Polk 4 Shot. We cited this company as an example because it comes with its adapter.
On the front of the adapter we can see five buttons, two of which serve as controls between game sound and chat notifications, two more set the volume, and the last mutes the microphone if needed.
While the headset that comes with the Xbox One has only three buttons and can not boast of additional functions.

Device performance

If you are wondering what is the best headset for your gamepad to keep the sound clear and uninterrupted, we recommend the Polk 4 Shot. The adapter works perfectly with this device. An alternative is also the Sony MDR-1R headphones with a cable with a built-in microphone, in both cases, the adapter co-operated perfectly.
In conclusion, I would like to summarize that if you are not satisfied with the headset that comes with the Xbox One this adapter will come in handy. It performs all the functions it says and allows you to use any headset with a jack no more or less than 3.5 mm.