How to fix Steam disk write error

Steam disk write

A disk drive error can result from a download or update of a game that you purchased on Steam. This is a quite widespread error that many users encounter. Fortunately, we know how to deal with it, and in this article we will tell you a few viable ways to correct the Steam disk error.

Causes of the error

So, a steam disk write error occurs whenever the platform fails to handle the loading and accumulation of new data on your PC during an upgrade or new boot. The following are the widest causes of a steam disk error:
• Steam drive or folder is write protected
• The hard drive is defective
• Antivirus software on your system is blocking any files from Steam
• Your Steam directory contains damaged or obsolete files

Ways to fix the error

We have provided a detailed checklist of solutions to this problem as well as a detailed guide on how to proceed below. Follow it in detail and find out how to repair Steam error with ease.
Method 1 – update drivers – you may be running out-of-date or damaged drivers that are interfering with the normal operation of the steam drive. This can be done manually or with the automatic program Driver Easy. This program has a free version, and it will do everything by itself, you do not need to know precisely what operating system on your computer and other details. So to start a driver update through the program you require:
• Download and set up Driver Easy
• Go in and run a scan for the program to find the problem drivers
• Click on the “update all” button and your drivers will be renewed automatically
• Reload your PC and then the game to verify that the issue has been fixed
Method 2 – Remove the 0KB file
To check your computer for such files, you should:
• Press the Windows+P key combination simultaneously and at the prompt, type % ProgramFiles (x86)%
• Go to your Steam folder, then steamapps and common
• Find the 0KB file and delete it if you have it.
Method 3 – Delete corrupted files in the log file
• To do this, call the special line again with the key combination shown above. Type the query % ProgramFiles (x86)% and press the next button
• Go to Steam > logs > content_log and double click on them
• Go down with the slider and check to see if there is a logging error. If there is an error, follow the error name and delete it. If not, go on to method 4 to correct it.
Method 4 – Check the integrity of the game files.
The problem can occur because your game files have been damaged or deleted by antivirus. You can verify file consistency as below:
• On the Steam page, go to the library
• Click the game with the issue and tap the “Properties” option
• Search local files > Check game file integrity
• After verifying the game cache, quit Steam and relaunch it